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Excellent service, called the office at 5.30pm with what I thought was a fault and was at my door at 6 30pm to sort out, whilst there sorted the issue and happily carried out the annual service to save me money, price was competitive and work carried out satisfactorily. Will definitely be calling these for my next year's service. Highly recommended.

- Kathryn Smith

Category: Boiler Repair Service

Central Heating Repairs in Atherton

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Central heating repairs in Atherton can save you money.

Boiler Repair Service in Bolton

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A boiler repair service in Bolton is necessary in an emergency.

Boiler Repair Service in Hindley

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Using a boiler repair service in Hindley will help when your boiler gives up the ghost.

Boiler Repair Service in Leyland

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When you need a boiler repair service in Leyland, call M&R Plumbing. 

Viessmann Boiler Breakdown in Horwich

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A Viessman boiler breakdown in Horwich needs a professional to ensure that the job is done right.

Experiencing a Viessmann Boiler Breakdown in Wigan?

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A Viessmann boiler breakdown in Wigan may be the cause of strange sounds emanating from your boiler room, and not the resident ghost!

Viessmann Boiler Breakdown in Bolton

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Are you experiencing a Viessmann boiler breakdown in Bolton?

Vaillant Boiler Breakdown in Horwich

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A Vaillant boiler breakdown in Horwich doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, the design of these products considers the recycling and scrapping of the different components used.

Experiencing a Baxi Boiler Breakdown in Horwich?

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A Baxi boiler breakdown in Horwich is likely if you’re hearing strange noises from the basement or your water isn’t heating up as efficiently as it once did.

Get Professional Boiler Servicing in Middlebrook

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It is important to get boiler servicing in Middlebrook and the reason behind this is that anything can happen with a boiler, whether it’s an old or new one.